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In a nutshell our campaign is to have the Rifle Company Butterworth (RCB)’s service recognised as warlike. The Government, despite the facts discovered since its original decision, says its non-warlike service similar to peacetime garrison duty in Australia.

We have provided evidence of a deception that has denied 9,000 Australian troops and their families certain entitlements to repatriation benefits.

In 1970 RCB was deployed to protect the RAAF assets (aircraft, facilities, servicemen and women and their families) at the Air Base Butterworth Malaysia from 1970 to 1989 at the time when Malaysia was fighting its Counter Insurgency War (1968-1989) against the resurgent communist terrorists.

Since 1954, the RAAF had been deployed strategically at Butterworth under Australia’s international treaty obligations to be a deterrent to communist aggression (The Domino Theory) in South East Asia.

The Butterworth airbase, owned by the Malaysian Government and jointly occupied by the RAAF, was a vital base in Malaysian’s offensive operations against its enemy in Northern Malaysia. The Air Base was a potential enemy target as evidenced by an earlier attack on another Malaysian Air Base near Kuala Lumpur.

Since 2006 our attempts to challenge the Government’s decision with evidence from their own ex-secret documents have been blocked by an autocratic process with no personal meetings and no independent third party mediation that has denied us a fair and democratic process.

We seek an independent of government judicial public inquiry.

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Ray Fulcher
Chairman RCB Review Group

The Deception


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