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We exist simply to have the Australian Government give rightful recognition of the true nature of Australian Army Rifle Company’s (RCB) service – 1970 -1989 at Butterworth, Malaysia. This was military service to protect Australia’s strategically deployed RAAF Force at Air Base Butterworth (ABB), being warlike in nature and not classified as peacetime service.

Successive Governments failure to accept the substantial new evidence discovered by the RCB Research Group (RCBRG) from national and international documents and provided to the Government leads us to seek an independent of government public inquiry.

Rifle Company Butterworth Review Group (RCBRG) is an advocacy team of soldiers who served with the 9,000 RCB troops at Air Base Butterworth (ABB) to protect the RAAF personnel, aircraft, early warning air defence system and facilities during the Counter Insurgency/Second Malaysian Emergency (1968 -1989)

The RCBRG formally began its representations to Government in 2006. It has included skilled researchers/military historians for several years. Prior to that time people such as Robert Cross, Stan Hannaford,  Chris Duffield, Ken Rundell, Ken Marsh (RAAF), Mike Dennis MBE and others have made individual representations.

Its purpose is to advocate, research and lobby for the rightful recognition of RCB service 1970 -1989  as warlike. It has discovered substantial evidence that clearly exposes the Government’s deception and confirms the true nature of the RCB’s deployment meets the criteria for warlike service.

RCBRG is non partisan and does not support or oppose any political party.

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