Operation “Exposure”

Operation “Exposure” aims to make all Australians aware of the past and present Governments’ deception in their failure, in the face of substantial evidence, to recognise the operational deployment of an Australian Infantry Force, primarily from The Royal Australian Regiment in that period was warlike and not a peacetime deployment.

This deception was applied by the decision to publicly portray  the deployment as peacetime training with the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) thereby denying the RCB troops access to certain repatriation entitlements.


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The RAAF deployment to South East Asia was a strategic decision in accordance with Australia’s international treaty obligations against the spread of communism. The RCB’s deployment to ABB was at the time when the Communist Insurgency/Second Malaysian Emergency (1968 – 1989) was being fought by a rapidly expanded MAF.

In that conflict, ABB was the MAF’s major forward operational base for offensive operations against the Communist Terrorists in the northern region bordering Thailand. As such the ABB was a potential target that required protection with an infantry force capable of countering enemy penetration and executing a counter attack. The RCB’s presence would have a deterrent effect on the enemy, and in effect, literally achieved that aim.

Since 2006 the RCB Review Group has discovered evidence from national and international source documents that exposes the Government’s deception and confirms the true nature of the RCB’s deployment. Namely, that the deployment meets the criteria for warlike service: an existing enemy threat, an incurred danger resulting from being there through declared rules of engagement and the carriage of live ammunition, and an expectation of casualties. The Government of the day refutes this, and even attempted to claim until recently that such a conflict did not even occur.

This evidence discovered over twelve years (2006-2017 and continuing) has been presented to both successive Governments in eight submissions including a Petition to the House of Representatives. The request to meet with the Governments’ staff responsible for consideration of the matter has been repeatedly ignored. Two further appeals to Prime Minister Turnbull to intervene or appoint an independent of government public inquiry have also been rejected.


We want the Government to approve RCB’s  service as warlike, or failing that to approve the appointment of an independent (of Government) public inquiry.


  1. Warning Order – to alert people to the intending action.

Following Governments’ failure to agree to RCB Review Group’s legitimate claim for recognition of their service 1970-1989 as warlike, the Group intends to take further action to secure an independent judicial inquiry.

All RCB  persons who served at that time and their families are encouraged to support the RCB Review Group

Core History Paper – A case for recognition during the SME V3


  1. Direct Action – Calls for supporters to lobby their local Federal MPs and Senators 

The Deception


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