Comment – The Dark Emu Indictment words could equally apply to our Government’s RCB Peacetime Service Classification

In Farmers or Hunter-Gatherers? The Dark Emu Debate, anthropologist Peter Sutton and archaeologist Keryn Walshe deliver a damning indictment on Bruce Pascoe’s bestselling and prize-winning book Dark Emu, saying it “is poorly researched”, “distorts and exaggerates many old sources”, “contains a large number of factual errors” and “selects evidence to suit the author’s opinions … and ignores large bodies of information that do not”.

Equally, the RCB Review Group contends that those damning indictment words can equally be applied to the Government’s decision that RCB’s operational deployment (1970 -1989) to protect the “RAAF assets” at Butterworth Air Base during the Malaysian Counter Insurgency War (1968 -1989) was peacetime service and not warlike.

Our challenge to the truth of their decision is based on factual evidence discovered (through FOI) from the Government’s own military and diplomatic documents (including over 200 past SECRET) and other notable international and national sources. That evidence shows;

  • the RCB deployment met the incurred danger test and the criteria for warlike service existing at that time;
  • the deployment was disguised to the public as training with the Malaysian Armed Forces;
  • multiple errors of fact and omissions of relevant facts by the Government; and
  • the Government’s complaints process was unfair and has denied natural justice.

Question. Why does the Government ignore our request for a public independent of government third party inquiry of their decision and their process?
Answer. ???? Tell us what you think

“The search for truth takes you where the facts lead you”

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