DFWA Calls on the PM for a RCB Independent Inquiry

In its letter to Prime Minister Turnbull, The Defence Force Welfare Association President Kel Ryan “calls on the Government to appoint an independent arbitrator to review the recognition of the RCB during the period 1970 to 1989 as warlike and Qualifying Service.



  1. DFWA thank you for your support in this matter. The Gov past and present have buried their heads in the sand by digging their heels in and ignoring evidence from the RCB Group instead relying on falsehoods fed to them by a one sided and belligerent Defence and DVA bureaucracy . This must end.

    • Mick, Persevere M8. The heat is increasing. Watch this space
      Ted Chitham

  2. Thank you for your support DFWA. So important to fight for justice for all who have served.

  3. Thanks DFWA for your support and to all those who contribute for this long overdue recognition

  4. Thank you for your support DFWA. It is much appreciated.

  5. Thank you for supporting this matter that has gone on for more than 1/2 my life. Hopefully this matter can be resolved in the positive before there is only 1 of us left in a wheelchair.

  6. I am disappointed that the ADFWA have forgotten there were dozens of RAAF Police (& 2 x MPs) on 2 to 3 year postings with our families. We patrolled wherever Australian families lived and spent time. Many of us faced situations where we felt our life was in danger – and most now have PTSD. In the 80s there were still about 47 of us, about 17% of our entire mustering. We were often armed with 9mm pistols and sometimes F1 sub-machine guns. We were literally the civilian police for Australians. Especially as the local police were often lazy and corrupt. The Govt still claims they do not send families to active service areas and that because families were sent to Butterworth, it was NOT active service. This is BS. There were plenty of other active service areas where families were sent and service people received active service recognition. Please help us fight this matter along with the Rifle ARC. There were thousands of us RAAFies there during the Second Malaysian Emergency

    • Iain, I think you’ll find that once the RCB is recognised there will be a flow on effect. All guns currently aimed at the enemy’s week spot which is RCB given the mountain of evidence available.

  7. That may be a better strategy. If the Govt sees there are a huge amount of us, the cost could see them knock us back again and again. We will sit quietly for the moment whilst I monitor the progress of the RCB. I wish the you all good luck in your mission. Cheers IG

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