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It’s worth knowing that to date, the RCB Review Group ‘s formal research and advocacy efforts have located/generated over 1,880 electronically stored files (individual documents/images), totalling 3.32 GB of data.


These include primary (original/operational/photographs/maps), secondary (papers and books written by historians, newspapers, etc) and procedural (submissions, letters, process correspondence) documents.

This does not include the many private correspondences by individuals, nor back up draft versions of procedural material.

The RCB Review Group has a comprehensive method of gathering all of these data using current research and analysis techniques, carried out by a team of qualified researchers, advised by other disciplines as necessary.

The Government’s staff should have the same capability, and have in fact been given copies of all of the primary and secondary materials as at August 2017. Yet they persist with trying to reject the undeniable.

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  1. I wonder if any defence members who served at RCB were charged under the old AMR or the more recent DEFENCE DISCIPLINE ACT, that had their charge sheets noted with, whilst on warlike service, whilst in peace keeping or whilst on war service. If they were I think that this would assist in the fight for the recognition of RCB service and assist the RCB Review Groups research. Interesting

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