Since the last Update the Review Team has been actively involved in further evidence discoveries and representations to the Government’s House of Representatives Petitions Committee, complaint and appeal to the Defence Ombudsman, letters to all Parliamentarians and meetings with Sen Jim Molan, Sen Fraser Anning and other Senators including a chance encounter with Minister Darren Chester.

Defence has bunkered down to behind a wall of silence ignoring our demands for an independent-of- Government public inquiry.
Yet there are cracks appearing from two sources: firstly, Minister Chester has agreed to a meeting with the Team and secondly, the Katter Australian Party leader Bob Katter’s public announcement supports RCB recognition as warlike.




  1. Before people complain about DVA and others not accepting the “real” circumstances of any posting they need to understand the simple fact that ONLY the Governor General can determine things like warlike service etc. Any and all other government bodies have no say whatsoever and the issue of a medla has no bearing, because it in itself is done under an entirely different criteria.

  2. Colin, The Defence Minister is responsible to determine the nature of service to the Government who then prepare the legislative instruments for it to be gazetted and signed off in an Executive Order by the Governor General. The GG does not determine the decision.
    In relation to the media they may have an influence if they choose to expose a situation that is morally or socially unjust to which the public react in support of the claim. Given all Government’s sensitivity to bad PR then the national media and social media can have a major influence in changing the Government’s decision. In this year alone we have seen many examples directed at DVA’s failings in relation to suicides and repatriation matters where the original decision has been overturned.
    The other avenue to challenge a Government’s decision is the legal system.

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