RCB Tour of Duty Data Base

Here is the RCB Tour of Duty Database which covers the sub-units to deploy from 1 Nov 70 to 31 Dec 89.

It includes all people doing the job of SGT and above at the time they deployed. The latter date is when eligibility cut off for the award of the current ASM. It will be the same date in any decision from the Tribunal.

You are welcome to use this information to help with your personal stories, it is open information.

The RCB Review Group has compiled this material over years, and it is often added to on a daily basis. It relies on veterans from both NZ and Australia. We will update it periodically for you.

See the right-hand column for knowledge of which sub-unit plaques/photos are in our separate photo database. The plaques/photos contain all ranks’ names, and are often the only way individuals can illustrate they were actually there. There was no Army record kept/yet found over years of in-depth research.

RCBs are STILL at Butterworth – see the bottom of the attachment for a summary.

If your sub-unit (platoon for example) is NOT mentioned in the right-hand column and you have a photo of the plaque/platoon photo with names, please send one in to [email protected] . He will update our records including the one online. This will help RCB veterans in the future to prove they were there. Genuine photos of defences (eg the Vital Points you responded to on QRF), Malaysian guards, observation towers, the wire, dogs, QRF roadblocks, real QRF callouts, training, searchlights, the armscote, truck, weapons and ammo etc are also welcome.

Photo submission should include the year (start with that), which RCB, photo owner’s name and a helpful photo name. Submission of such photos will be taken as permission given to use them if we choose to help prove to the Tribunal the deployment was ‘warlike circumstances’.

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  1. Hello,
    Would this be of any help? I have copies of my personal army medical file which identify the RCB RAP as the treating unit. Is it permissible and/or necessary to attach copies to prove RCB service?

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