RCB veterans and supporters,

I apologise that this Update is very long overdue. Your patience and support are greatly appreciated by all in the RCBRG. 

Sadly, OPSEC prevents us from being totally open and transparent in our research and planning, but rest assured we are working hard to secure the recognition we all deserve for our service in Malaysia 1970 – 1989 during the Malaysian Counter Insurgency War 1968-1989. 

We’ve been stymied at every turn by Defence and their fellow-travellers, who we believe have denied us the right to the truth and natural justice. But one by one we cut off their blockages tentacles so that soon they’ll have no avenue but to give us the recognition and all it entails.

Since the last Update we have received a substantial donation from the Veterans Support Advocacy Services Australia (VSASA) that has allowed us to commission specialist legal and ethical advice. We are waiting to receive those advices.

Our research of the Australian National Archives for RCB related documents has discovered multiple Australian diplomatic documents that support our claim. Thanks to Linton Solomon for his untiring efforts. Our case is based on hard primary and secondary evidence (facts) amassed through official research methods over years by a group of qualified researchers and analysts. It includes operational, government and diplomatic material and professional peer-reviewed publications in both the government and academic domains and includes 5 TOP SECRET and 204 SECRET declassified documents.

Our exposure of the errors of facts, supported by the relevant supporting documents, in the Government’s decision, reveals the truth of RCB’s service as warlike and the righteousness of our challenge.

We trust that Peter Dutton the new Minister for Defence, will review all the facts (the truth) of the matter and in doing so examine the basis of the Defence Department’s previous rejections. As President Reagan advised trust but verify the recommendations from your advisors.

We are responding to the national media’s increasing interest in our case.

On this Anzac Day in Canberra Stan Hannaford with Peter Kelly will be carrying the RCB Banner in the Parade. Despite pressure from the ACT RSL HQ to hold the normal parade, ACT Health has denied permission due to Covid 19 restrictions. The Parade is restricted to a 200-person Banner March with each Banner contingent of two bearers.

I assure you that the RCBRG remains dedicated to achieving our RCB service recognition as warlike. Thanks for your continuing support. Be prepared to act on any future calls to implement our action plans.


Ray Fulcher
RCB Service 1979
Chairman RCB Review Group
Date: 13 April 2021


  1. Great work to all who are working so hard on this .

  2. Great work Ray ,Stan ,keep it going?

  3. Well done and thank you Ray.

  4. Great work, thanks for the update..

  5. Keep going and thankyou for your effort

  6. Great work gentleman thank you for you tireless efforts

  7. Thanks Men for your ongoing dedication in fighting for us. I really hope Peter Dutton looks hard at our claims for recognition for Warlike Service & you men are rewarded for your efforts & tireless work to the RCBRG.

  8. Thank you to all who are doing the hard work for us all that served with RCB.

  9. Appreciate your persistence and never ending fight. But I think the Govt have just spent all the reserve money paying out on COVID. I could not believe where all the money come from but it just kept coming Too WIN our case can you imagine the payout (back pay) it will cost the Govt not counting the future payments to hundreds of Soldiers Airman

  10. Veterans Affairs Minister Peter Dutton could have a different perspective on RCB service and possibly award the AASM ? The evidence accumulated by the committee is bona fide therefore Peter Dutton again may present a positive result deserved to all RCB personnel .who performed their duty on Active Service

  11. I think and hope Peter Dutton would be more likely to have real look at the evidence, and I do not think he would like to be deceived by his department

  12. The time has come for the Government to stop this. Being RAAF at Butterworth 74 to 77, I experienced some but not all that RCB personnel experienced. Thank you to Warren Francis, I was given an insight to the actual duties undertaken by RCB. Keep the fight going.

  13. I will never retreat….just in case my boy ex 1RAR will carry on the fight on our behave….I trust this battle won’t be fought for another 50years,as then we won’t be even a memory for future generations,another part of Military History lost….Brian Maley (WO11 RAR/RAAC still battle Govt of AU)

  14. Thanks to the RCBRG for your tireless and on going efforts

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