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It is the communications control centre for the RCB Review Group’s management of Operation “Exposure” which aims to have the Government declare RCB service as warlike or failing that to appoint an independent (of Government) public inquiry into the rightful recognition of the nature of RCB military service.

The Reference menu provides the time-line of and access to all our submissions, the Government’s  replies and our responses to them. Check it out here

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We encourage you to support us by direct engagement in having your say direct to us and to Federal MPs/Senator on all matters associated with RCB service. If you have additional evidence to that already revealed here then please tell us.

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  1. Hi my name is Michael i was in Butterworth 1977 and 1982 we went to RCB was war like service we where told that when we where in Butterworth we would be charged under War like service and we where given live rounds when we where on QRF we locked and loaded several times as there was a threat to the air base from the CTs that were still active we where on patrol one day with the Malays when we where told our position in a creek line as there where a section of CTs waiting for us so the threat was real . Thank you Michael

  2. Does being shot at while inside the base count as additional info?

    • Certainly does, anyone who was with you that can support you even better. Everyone I know that I was with on both my tours in 74/75 were all told that we were going to protect the airbase end of! Live ammo kept in guard room, armscote manned 24/7 with full complement of ammo (do not do this in Aussie, and did not do it when I was in Singapore in 75) The problem is which has been outlined by the RCB Group is that the Dept of Defence refuses to alter their biased opinion regardless of how much documented evidence is produced refuting/rebutting their replies to the Ministers for Defence and Veterans Affairs including the PM. In the real World you could take the person/s who sign off on the replies to the Ministers to task in the Australian Administrative Appeals Tribunal , however we are not offered that avenue of redress (unlike person who are not even citizens of our country i.e. illegal immigrants/refugees/asylum seekers economic country shoppers) I could go on and on, but! I won’t as it because it has become ad nauseam.

  3. Manned the armscote and was given a loaded 9mm Browning and instructed by my Pl Sgt to shoot any of the Malay painters, who were touching up the building, if they so much as go near any of the weapons or ammo. A Coy 1RAR Feb – June 1981.

  4. I toured with B Coy 1 RAR, Nov 1977 to Mar 1978. Our pre deployment briefing was actually carried out by spooks from Canberra. It was explained to us that the Company deployed prior to us had remained for an extra month because tensions in the area and insurgent activity had increased significantly. As part of the briefing we were also informed that, depending on the outcomes, our tour may also be extended. As it turned out, our tour was just the normal 3 months.
    I believe an incident did occur during a range practise on the Malay border but my knowledge of this is not first person. While I cant comment further on the incident it might serve to remind those involved.
    We all know that our soldiers carried live ammo at all times. Such was the conflict and what might serve as a reminder is that the Malay Guards also had live ammo with their weapons at the “loaded” state. They had a reputation of shoot “first” and ask questions later, obviously very nervous.

  5. Hi Phill Marsh, I was there from Oct to DEC 1973. here, in ref to Michael’s comment on being charged under war like service, do we know of anyone ,” that was” .Perhaps that is an avenue to follow

  6. How can this be non warlike why did we have live rounds we carried live rounds to stop the CTs from attacking the air base and to guard the Australian RAAF

  7. Was there in Jan 73 with 6rar, never forget as we patrolled the inner buildings a Malaysian chopper landed nearby and they unloaded two body bags.The night perimeter patrols were part of the deal.

  8. Contacted the Hon. Peter Walsh MP, Member for Murray Plains about our cause.

  9. Have we managed to get any ‘high profile’ people on board to bang our drum?

  10. Hi, I was part of the RAAF from77-80 I lived on the main land and was part of Recalls 4 times while stationed there. I was placed on duty in the base armoury 3 times, locked not to leave the post until relieved in the morning by Base security officers. In my 38 years it was the only place that security was in the Armoury 24/7

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