RCB’s Claim for Warlike Service Classification 1970-1989 – The Air Force Association calls on the PM for an independent examination.

In its letter to the Prime Minister, The Air Force Association believes “there is a compelling argument supporting an upgrade of the company’s service classification…. Consequently, …. the Air Force Association strongly requests the RCB’s deployment be examined by an independent body to determine the correct service classification.”

Letter Prime Minister – Rifle Company Butterworth Malaysia


  1. the above news is really a step in the right direction!! WELL DONE TO THE MEN who pulled this off!!!

  2. Thank you to the RAAF Assoc, and the RCB Support Group men who through hard work and diligence have kept the fight going.

  3. Thank you RAAF Association we realy appreciate your help.

  4. Thank you to the RAAF Association for your excellent letter (very well thought out and written), now all we have to do is convince the Prime Minister to listen to senior Military Officers and not a bunch of public servants (who have probably never served) and don’t know the Military, nor what Military personnel have to endure during their service life. I just hope that this helps Robert and his team who have worked incredibly hard for many years on this project.

  5. This is a great step forward. Thank you RAAF Association for your support and contribution to our efforts to have our service reclassified.

  6. Onya Raffies … there’s always ‘strength in numbers ‘DUTY FIRST!

  7. I served with Bcoy 8RAR and C coy 1RAR 5/68 -9/69 in Malaysia and we saw evidence of Communist activity ,a jungle camp and observation tower on a ration trial ,WO RonColeman was in charge .

  8. Have to agree with Franz Hagl comments… we are subject to Public Servants interruption of the rules, and most cases they have NO clue as to what the real world is all about. I say…. go there, do that, and then come back and say it does or does not happen…
    Good Luck, I support you 100%

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