Senator James McGrath – RCB Address to the Senate

Senator McGrath is a strong supporter of veterans and their families. We thank him for his support and commitment to the truth. Like US Past President Ronald Reagan, our Senator is a ‘Trust but Verify’ advocate.

Yesterday, he addressed the Senate on the RCB’s Recognition of Service campaign in which he highlighted failings in the Government’s decision making and in a process that has denied natural justice to the 9,000 Army and 12 000 RAAF men and women who defended the RAAF assets at Air Base Butterworth during the Communist Insurgency in Malaysia 1970-1989.

 He rightfully recognises the deterrent success of the RCB deployment against an attack on the Base, the Malaysian Government’s public appreciation of that result and the NZ Government’s recent decision this month to overturn its 2013 decision of non recognition for its RCB troops involvement as operational service.

Watch Senator McGrath’s Address

Read Senator McGrath’s Address – Select Senators Statements then scroll down to see Sen. McGrath’s statement


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