Testimonials of RCB Veterans’ Service

All RCB veterans, and any RAAF personnel who were at Air Base Butterworth in the period 1 Nov 70 to 5 Dec 89, are invited to use the attached template to provide evidence of their personal service and experience while deployed there. Once you have drafted your input, save it as a pdf (if you can) and send it to [email protected]  


Testimony of an RCB Veteran – Template (1)

As it is a personal and professional record, it should not be spread freely around Facebook once you have made your contribution. However, please feel free to advise every other veteran you know, about this work. We need every veteran to tell their own story uninfluenced by what others might have said.

This will generate hugely valuable evidence that you believed you were in fact on warlike service. Your submission indicates that you are prepared to have your testimony become part of the official record, because that is what will happen. Word your submission honestly and wisely.

Enquiries to Stan Hannaford  [email protected]  please.

Robert Cross

RCB Review Group

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  1. I spent my time in 82, in hospital. As fell off the seven wells waterfall. When we departed on the 8th Dec 82. Was told active service. When they flew me back to Australia they told me in hospital it will be peace keeping. Then had to sign if I want a lump sum or pension, lucky my dad told me to go for pension. Now I am TPI, the Air Force doctors ruined my life. I think 2 people were shot trying to get in the base in Feb 83.

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