Update: DHAAT Inquiry – Recognition of Service with Rifle Company Butterworth

You will recall that on 7 April 2022 the Government announced this Inquiry with the terms of reference requiring submissions closing on 1 July 2022.

On that closing date we became aware that Defence had not made its submission. So Ray Fulcher voiced our concern to the Tribunal. He was advised that “it is not unusual for the Tribunal to accept submissions from interested parties (not just Defence) as the inquiry progresses, until such time as its report and recommendations are finalised”. 

Ray responded with …” the point is that ALL parties should be advised of the possibility of making late submissions not just those that already know or those that ask“.

The DHAAT web site has now added this sentence. While the nominal closing date for submissions to these inquiries has passed, the Tribunal is continuing to accept submissions as the inquiries continue.

We encourage all interested parties to make their submission now.

We have been told that one hundred submissions had been received as at 1 July 2022.


Ray Fulcher
RCB Service 1979
Chairman RCB Review Group
Date: 5 July 2022


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