RCB – Right to Contest Government’s Decision

The National Media’s Right to Know Campaign provides us with the opportunity to take advantage of their promotions particularly our exposure of the Government’s denial to allow us the fundamental right to contest their classification of RCB service as peacetime service, similar to garrison duty in Australia. RCB service met the criteria for warlike service.

In theory that right exists but after 13 years of lived experience with the Defence Department’s complaints process we assert it as unjust and has involved breaches in the Prime Ministers Ministerial Standards and the Public Service codes of ethics and conduct.

Our detailed research has discovered evidence that challenges the Government’s RCB decision, exposes the falseness of their reliance on stated external reviews that together has revealed a deception to deny RCB service as warlike.

We conclude:
1. The RCB deployment was warlike because it met the criteria for warlike service.
2. The costs of a warlike service entitlements was a major factor in denying RCB warlike service.
3. The process was unjust by denying us proper process, transparency, personal meetings with Defence (NOSB staff) and access to third party mediation.

When Government hides the truth from you, what are they covering up?

The Deception


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