RCB Update 3/2022 – Progress Report

Events are moving quickly as we approach the next Federal Election and we maintain pressure on the Minister for Defence Personnel Andrew Gee to make a decision on our RCB claim for warlike service.
You are well aware of the continued delays from the Minister Gee in failing to respond to our 18th October 2021 submission which was supported by the Ethicos Report written by Howard Whitton a noted authority on governance probity and law making.
It’s now nearing 6 months without any meaningful contact with him for discussion or decision.
This Update traces our efforts to seek the Minister’s decision.
Ted Chitham posted this article Commentary – RCB Nature of Service as Warlike on our web and facebook sites, presenting the evidence to prove our case for warlike service.
On the 26th March, this media report Veterans Affairs Minister Andrew Gee threatens to resign on eve of budget over funding shortfall appeared.

Immediately, following that Ray Fulcher sent a congratulatory email to Minister Gee hoping that his personal integrity will extend to a decision regarding our RCB submission of the 18th October 2021

Now, we need your help in numbers to show our disappointment to the Minister.

Here’s how. Ideally, by 5 pm this Tuesday send an email to Minister Gee at [email protected] asking him why the delay. Keep it civil and short. If you have not received a reply by the following Monday then try again and this time copy to Peter Dutton, your Federal MP, and State Senators.

We believe the Minister has three choices: A YES, or a NO or appoint an independent of government inquiry. If its an inquiry then the RCBRG must be involved in deciding it’s Terms of Reference.
Our RCBRG National Action Campaign Plans are prepared for a NO decision trigger.
Speculation is that the Federal Election date will be announced around the 6th April for a 14 May or 21 May Election date.
To stay current with developments as they unfold please keep monitoring our web and facebook sites.
Thanks for your ongoing persistence and support.

    Ray Fulcher
RCB Service 1979
Chairman RCB Review Group
Date: 28 March 2022


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